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“Social media marketing,” this term has now long been in the eyes of every businessperson. And it has proved itself to be perfectly viable and ROI-positive enough for all the type of companies (either small or large, B2C or B2B). Therefore, the question now is not “Should we do social media or not?.” The question is “How and How well should we do this?”.
And here’s where we come in the picture.

We, Manush Digitech Pvt. Ltd., are a top-notch social media marketing agency in Delhi. And as a results-driven social media marketing agency, we offer a variety of individual/customized services based on our client’s requirements. Our service mainly focuses on marketing your brand/product/service on top social media apps/sites which includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Google Plus.

First of all, before talking about our services as a social media marketing agency in Delhi, let’s discuss why we focus on these platforms.

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Social Media Marketing Platforms

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The volume of people on the Facebook is unparalleled. With more than 2 Billion active users, Facebook is the king of social media.

This means that if your customer owns a mobile phone, he most probably is on Facebook.

n short, we as a social media marketing agency will choose Facebook over any other social media when the volume of the people matters (which in most of the cases does).

Additionally, due to Facebook’s in-depth targeting capabilities, we can get directly in front of the right audience. Hence, Facebook is essential from a social media marketing perspective.


When it comes to public interactions, nothing comes close to the Twitter. Twitter is one such platform where you can have a communication with literally anyone.

Hence, if one of your customers or a potential customer wants to have a public-interaction with you, then Twitter is the place they will go.

Having a live twitter account is an asset because it builds relationships, connects with customers, creates brand awareness, and attracts feedbacks. Additionally, and apparently, one can share their blogs, offers, and services to generate sales via Twitter.


In marketing, attention is the asset. Period. When we talk about awareness on social media, Instagram is the one that comes to mind.

Let’s look it from a user’s perspective. A normal human brain tends to process images 60,000 times faster than text, and a picture can speak a thousand words. Therefore, a considerable influence can be made on the people’s brain regarding your brand using proper images.

Most of the millennials, if given an option to use only one social media they will choose Instagram. Also, if volume matters, Instagram is the third most used social media as compared with Facebook & YouTube.

Moreover, from a business’s aspect; on Instagram, the interaction of people with the brand is 10x of Facebook and 84x of Twitter.

Hence, we as a social media marketing agency prefer Instagram over any other social media when the target audience for your product/service is under 35 because 70% of the Instagram audience lies below this age limit.


After the Jio-effect in India, the number of YouTube consumers or video-watching people has massively increased. Also, from the volume perspective, YouTube has the second most user-base after Facebook by amounting its total to 1.3 billion.

As discussed, attention is the asset. And naturally, the attention on video content is more compared to any other forms. If video creation & marketing is done correctly on YouTube, a quality community can be built.

You can show your expertise on YouTube and leverage the trust of people in selling your products/services. If you don’t want to create videos/community and directly sell your product/service, then an enormous amount of YouTube Influencers can be found in any niche.

Hence, from a marketing perspective, YouTube is essential.

Google Plus

If compared to the other social media, Google Plus is nothing. But still, we use Google Plus for marketing because it has already-established communities which can be leveraged from the very first day.

Also, when looked from an SEO perspective, shares on Google-plus has upper-edge than others for Google’s algorithm.

Our Social Media Services

Now, as you know the “Why” of using kind-of-hand-picked social media, let’s move on to the services of ours. We as a social media marketing agency in Delhi provide the following services in context to platforms mentioned above.

Social Media Strategy Development

Initially, as a part of our service, we will build a roadmap to creating brand awareness and engagement on social media. We will audit existing community(if any) as well as audit the potentially interested people. At last, proper goals and objectives will be set to have yet another social media marketing success for Manush Digitech and your company.

Social Media Content Creation

Our highly experienced team will create content for your brand and distribute it to relevant social media. Content development will include the production of highly-engaging texts, images, and videos. Furthermore, based on the context of the content a proper distribution network will be set. Our experts will distribute the content in such a way that a long-lasting and influential image of the brand is built.

Measurement and Optimization

In the end, data is what matters. Therefore, after developing a considerable amount of brand-equity or sales, we will measure the data. And based on the measurements, we will optimize future cycle. We will grab every possible opportunity and eliminate every shortcoming with the help of data and experience.

Community Management

Our experts will maintain all your social media accounts and consequently manage your community. Listening to the community, replying to their messages, comments, or tweets will be our duty. In short, we will provide value to end-consumer and build trust which will lead to a stronger and highly engaged community.

Let’s Discuss Your Social Media Marketing Project

Now you know our expertise in the field and the service we provide. So, if you are looking for a social media marketing agency which will boost your social media game in no time, then make sure to contact us now. Moreover, if your company is based out of Delhi and would like a social media marketing agency in Delhi, then you know who to contact. (Hint: us)