The rising demand for businesses includes digital marketing. Our digital marketing packages are eccentric to generate leads, fetch organic traffic, and expand your business through our strategies. Our variety of digital marketing packages are apt to meet your business demands.

Digital marketing is a broad spectrum that includes optimization, marketing, remarketing and promotion, etc. The digital marketing packages of Manush aims to consolidate brand image, increase brand awareness, and generate profitable leads. Businesses can choose their packages according to their budget and their business requirements.


SEO Monthly Packages





Keywords Optimization

Up to 30

Up to 50 Up to 70

Landing Page Creation

Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 30

Dedicated Account Manager

Website Monetization

Monthly A/B Reporting

Profitable Keyword Research

Baseline Keyword Analysis
In-Depth On-Page Audit  
In-Depth Off-Page Audit
Reverse Engineering Competitors  
Initial Domain Authority Check
Google Penalty Check  
Spam Score Check  
Analyze Page-Speed  

SEO Optimized Content Writing

Optimize Meta titles
Optimize Meta descriptions
Install Sitemap.xml
Install Robots.txt

SEO Plugin (WordPress Sites Only)


Premium Premium
Keyword in Image Alt Text Landing pages Landing pages Full Site
Generate SEO Friendly URLs
Skyscraper Technique
Header Tags Optimization
Image Optimization Landing pages Landing pages Full Site
Page Speed Score Improvement
Google Webmaster Install
Google Analytics Install
Monitor Google Analytics Monthly Weekly Daily
Monitor Google Webmasters Monthly Weekly Daily
Pillar Page Recommendations
Internal Linking
Link Social Pages
URL Canonicalization
Mobile Optimization
Broken Links Analysis
Custom 404 Page
Redirect 404 Pages to Homepage
External Links Relevancy
Structured Data Setup
Check Readability Score
Website Blog (500 words)  2 4 6
Guest Post Articles (600+ Words)  5 10 15
PR articles (250+ words)
Landing Page Content
QnA Content
PPT Creation
Podcast Creation
PPT to Video Creation
Article Submissions Content
Startup Stories
Web 2.0 Content  1 3 5
Infographic Creation
Total Articles  8 17 26
Backlinks DA Minimum 20 Minimum 25 Minimum 30
Backlinks Spam Score Less than 10% Less than 5% Less than 3%
Backlinks Via Reverse Engineering Competitors 10 30 50
Email Outreaching to niche-based site owners
Guest Posting General Site Niche-Relevant Niche-Relevant
Guest Post Backlinks 5 10 15
Press Release Free Free Premium
Press Release Backlinks
Classified Submissions
Business Listings
PPT Submissions
Podcast Submissions
Startup Stories
Video Submissions
QnA Submissions Up to 5 Up to 15 Up to 30
PBN Creation For additional budget For additional budget For additional budget
Web 2.0 Submissions
Article Submissions
Forum Postings
Find Broken Link Building Opportunities
Infographic Submissions
Social Bookmarking
Social Sharing of Blogs
Non-Spammy Directories
Social Signals

Google My Business Listing

Posting on Google My Business

5 10 15

NAP Consistency

Local Directories Listings / Renew

2 5 10
Google Analytics Traffic Report  ✓
Current Website Authority Report
Backlinks Created
Email Outreach Report
Google Search Console Performance Report
Keywords Rankings Report
A/B Monthly Report

SMO Monthly Packages





Social Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Quora)

Any 3 Platforms Any 4 Platforms All Platforms

Ad Budget

Rs. 4,000/- Included

Rs. 8,000/- Included Rs. 12,000/- Included

Service Charges

Rs. 11,500/- Rs. 18,000/- Rs. 25,000/-

Social Media Calendars

Sponsored Ad Campaigns

Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 6

Image Ad Creatives Design

10 15 20

Social Signals from other profiles

Monthly Reporting

Dedicated Account Manager

Facebook Page Creation / Optimization
Targeted Page Likes
Monthly Posting Up to 30 Up to 50 Up to 100
Facebook Story Uploads
Joining Relevant Groups 2 Up to 5 Up to 10
Post Sharing in Groups 5 10 20
Set Up Facebook Business Manager
A/B Testing for Sponsored Ads
Audience Research for Sponsored Ads
Managing Sponsored Ads
Deleted Unwanted Spam Comments
Engagement Posts (Polls, Quiz, etc.)
Facebook Pixels Installation
Facebook Analytics Reporting
Facebook Event Promotion
Facebook Lead Generation For additional budget For additional budget For additional budget
Facebook Reposting
Monthly Reporting
Instagram Page Creation / Optimization
Target Audience Research
Monthly Posting Up to 30 Up to 50 Up to 100
Post Tagging to increase reach
Instagram Story Uploads
Hashtag Research
Relationship building with Instagram Influencers
Followers increase strategy
Engaging Story Segments (polls, quiz etc.)
Instagram Reels Upload (video provided by client) Up to 20 Up to 40 Up to 80
Instagram IGTV Uploads (video provided by client) Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 40
Instagram Engagement Campaigns
Managing Sponsored Campaigns for Brand Awareness
Instagram Giveaway Campaigns
Instagram Creative Image (3D or Minimalist)
Setting up Instagram highlights
Screenshot Instagram Mentions
Competitive Analysis
Influencer Marketing (for additional budget)
Delete Unwanted Spam
Instagram Reposting for followers
Relevant Memes Sharing (Trending Memes)
Outreaching Target Audience Manually Up to 10 Users Up to 30 Users Up to 50 Users
Instagram Lead Generation For additional budget For additional budget For additional budget
Monthly Reporting by Instagram Analytics

Twitter Page Creation / Optimization

Monthly Tweets

Up to 30

Up to 50 Up to 100


Hashtag Research

Use Trending Hashtags

Sponsored Ads

Twitter Analytics Monitoring

Competitor Research

Monthly Reporting

LinkedIn Company Profile Creation / Optimization

LinkedIn Profile Creation
Monthly Posting Up to 30 Up to 50 Up to 100
LinkedIn Engagement Posts (Polls, Quiz, etc.)
Set Up LinkedIn Ads Manager
Join Relevant Groups
Posts Sharing in Groups 5 10
Target Audience Research
Manually Outreaching Target Audience
Targeted Connection Requests Up to 50 Users Up to 100 Users
LinkedIn Job Posting
LinkedIn Reposting (Industry specific)
Competitor Research
Creating and Managing Sponsored Ads
Monthly Reporting
LinkedIn Lead Generation For additional budget For additional budget For additional budget
YouTube Channel Creation / Optimization
Video Uploads (Provided by Client) Up to 5 Up to 15 Up to 20
Channel Cover Art Updating
Research Target Videos and Channels for Ads
Manage Sponsored Ads
YouTube Title Keyword Research
YouTube Title & Description Optimization
YouTube Videos Comment Moderation
YouTube Trend Research
Custom Thumbnail for Videos
Competitor Research
YouTube Ad Creation For additional budget For additional budget For additional budget

Quora Account Creation

Relevant Quora Answers

Up to 5

Up to 10 Up to 20

Research Latest Questions to Answer

Set up Quora Ads Manager

Research Target Audience for sponsored ads

Sponsored Ads Creation and Management

Quora Analytics Reporting

Social Media Insights

Social Media Engagements

Screenshots of Instagram Mentions

Social Media Entries

Social Signals Sheet

Content Created

PPC Monthly Packages





Monthly Service Charges

Rs. 7,500/- Rs. 12,500/- Rs. 20,000/-

One Time Setup Charges


Free Free

Included Ad Budget

Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 12,500/- Rs. 35,000/-

Additional Budget

Provided by client (recommended INR 10 - 20k) Provided by client (recommended INR 30-50k) Provided by client (recommended above INR 60k)


Up to 50 (Extra - Rs. 20/keyword) Up to 100 (Extra - Rs. 15/keyword)  Up to 250 (Extra - Rs. 10/keyword)

Ad Groups

Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 50

Ads Per Ad Group

Up to 2 ads Up to 3 ads  Up to 4 ads
Google Analytics Set-up ✓  ✓ 

Profitable Keyword Research

Reverse Engineering Competitors

Budget Estimation Analysis

Landing Page Analysis

Landing Page Creation Up to 5 (Extra - Rs. 999/page) Up to 10 (Extra - Rs. 799/page) Up to 20 (Extra - Rs. 599/page)
Landing Page Optimization (if created already) Up to 5 (Extra - Rs. 499/page) Up to 10 (Extra - Rs. 399/page) Up to 20 (Extra - Rs. 299/page)
Embedding Live Chat on Every Page (to capture leads)
Ad Campaign Setup
Manual bidding of Keywords
Keyword Research Monthly Weekly Weekly
Google Search Ads
Sitelinks Extension
Mobile Responsive Ads
Call Extension
Negative Keywords
ROI Based Strategy
Filter Out Low-Performing Keywords
Google My Business Discovery Ad
Custom Ad Schedule
Advanced Location Targeting
App Promotion Ads (if available on app/play store)
Google Display Ads
Graphic Design for Display Ads
Google Shopping Ads (requires e-commerce site)
Merchant Center Set-Up (for e-commerce)
Gmail Ads
YouTube Ads (Excluding Video Ad creation)
Conversion Tracking
Dedicated Account Manager ❌ 

Google Analytics Traffic Report

Keyword Research Report

Monthly Performance Report

Budget Spent on campaigns

Conversions Report

Best and Low Performing Keywords

Best and Low Performing Ads

Complete Digital Marketing Packages





Good for

Brand Awareness Lead Generation Both

Free Website Revamp (Up to 10 pages)

Social Media Marketing

Everything in Budget Package Everything in Expert Package Everything in Pro Package

PPC Marketing

Everything in Budget Package Everything in Expert Package Everything in Pro Package

SEO Services

Everything in Budget Package Everything in Expert Package Everything in Pro Package

ORM Services (not sold separately)

Please Note

  • 18% GST is applicable on all our services (for Indian Clients).
  • Monthly payment including the prepaid budget should be made in advance.
  • Our aim is to bring relevant traffic on the website for leads and brand awareness.
  • No page #1 SEO rankings are guaranteed within a specific time frame.
  • We do not use any fake tools to increase traffic or likes.
  • Keywords provided by the client will be checked for factors like – Search Volume, Traffic Potential etc. before starting the SEO or PPC process.
  • SEO is a Slow but Sure Process & Results can take up to 3-6 months to appear (If done regularly).
  • We don’t guarantee any particular increase in numbers of (Likes/Comments/Subscribers etc.) for social media platforms unless we run sponsored campaigns.
  • Any other services apart from the services mentioned in the Packages will be charged extra.

How can we augment your business?

You can make a progressive decision by choosing Manush Digitech for digital marketing services for your business. We offer complete digital marketing services to small, medium and large businesses. Whether you are a startup or an established company, we have customizable packages as per your requirements.

Affordable packages – spending on digital marketing sometimes cost an arm and leg, and you can avoid that by hiring Manush Digitech for your digital marketing. We have affordable packages designed to meet the business demand of our clients.

Heedful team – we have a heedful team to manage the whole process of digital marketing. Our team plies work with complete on your branding.

Customizable services – One of the most significant advantages of choosing Manush Digitech is to get customizable packages with countless options.

Monthly updates – Clients get monthly planners and reports to stay updated with the progress of their business. We work on a month to month basis.

Lawful methods – We believe in gradual but considerable progress. Thus, we do not promise faster results; and instead, we promise you the lawful procedure for your digital marketing.

What does our digital marketing services comprise?

We offer a great range of different services that compile to do digital marketing. You know your business better, and thus we have left the decision on you to choose our services that fulfil your business requirements. Our complete digital marketing packages comprise of:

Social media marketing – Whether you have a product-based business or a service-based one, you can have social media marketing. Our customized packages let you choose your desired social media platforms.

Search engine optimization – We provide complete SEO services for your website. Our SEO comprises on-page optimization and off-page optimization along with link building.

Content marketing – We create and market content for your website and social media. With the help of competitive analysis, we work to implement our content to fetches organic traffic to our website and lead generation.

Pay per click marketing – PPC is a great source to fetch traffic on your website. Thus we do PPC, an accomplishing service of our digital marketing packages. Some of our digital marketing packages include PPC, but we can choose it separately as well.

Graphic designing – In our digital marketing packages, you can expect groundbreaking graphics for your social media and your business website.

So, get away with traditional digital marketing. Choose Manush to get something fresh for your business.

Frequently asked questions

No, website designing is a different package. Our digital marketing packages do not include website designing.
We have customized Digital marketing packages, and you have to choose your package as per your requirements. For more details, you can contact us at 7982941255.
We have monthly digital marketing packages. One month is the minimum contract period, followed by three months and so on.
Yes, we have trials of digital marketing of 15 days.
Digital marketing may seem one task, but it has milestones of different things that compile to do digital marketing. Different members of the team handle different work. Our digital marketing team complies of:
  1. Project manager - This team member is responsible for handling the overall project. He looks after the client’s requirement and delivers the requirements to other team members.
  2. Social media executive - Social media is an enormous sphere of digital marketing. This member is responsible for your business growth from social media.
  3. Graphic designer - Graphics are essential to capture the market on visual platforms. The graphic designer works on inventing new graphic designs and logos for your social media and website.
  4. Content writer - The creative mind binds the visitors of your website and social media platforms with their words. The creates engagement on your website and social media platforms.
Yes, we offer discounts on our digital marketing packages depending on the package you have chosen.
Yes, we offer paid trials. You need to pay $50 to get our trial.
We deliver our best in implementing the best strategies, but we do not guarantee the desired results.