The online setup of business is the new vogue. Entrepreneurs are smart enough to know the value of the graphical world. Merchants create websites for their businesses to generate leads. However, not every website gains considerable traffic. Some do not get a high ranking on search engines, probably because of poor result-oriented SEO. Several sites do not achieve the desired results due to poor implementation. Some of the sites gradually gain traffic. Until then, they do not get a high rank. Such evolving sites need relevant PPC packages.

PPC, an abbreviation for pay per click marketing, is a process to gain a high rank on search engines like Google. PPC is a part of digital marketing that aims to fasten up getting a high rank on Google. Numerous agencies are offering PPC packages, but the authenticity of the procedure remains a question. Illegal methods of providing PPC are common these days.

PPC Monthly Packages In Affordable Price





Monthly Service Charges

Rs. 7,500/- Rs. 12,500/- Rs. 20,000/-

One Time Setup Charges


Free Free

Included Ad Budget

Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 12,500/- Rs. 35,000/-

Additional Budget

Provided by client (recommended INR 10 - 20k) Provided by client (recommended INR 30-50k) Provided by client (recommended above INR 60k)


Up to 50 (Extra - Rs. 20/keyword) Up to 100 (Extra - Rs. 15/keyword)  Up to 250 (Extra - Rs. 10/keyword)

Ad Groups

Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 50

Ads Per Ad Group

Up to 2 ads Up to 3 ads  Up to 4 ads
Google Analytics Set-up ✓  ✓ 

Profitable Keyword Research

Reverse Engineering Competitors

Budget Estimation Analysis

Landing Page Analysis

Landing Page Creation Up to 5 (Extra - Rs. 999/page) Up to 10 (Extra - Rs. 799/page) Up to 20 (Extra - Rs. 599/page)
Landing Page Optimization (if created already) Up to 5 (Extra - Rs. 499/page) Up to 10 (Extra - Rs. 399/page) Up to 20 (Extra - Rs. 299/page)
Embedding Live Chat on Every Page (to capture leads)
Ad Campaign Setup
Manual bidding of Keywords
Keyword Research Monthly Weekly Weekly
Google Search Ads
Sitelinks Extension
Mobile Responsive Ads
Call Extension
Negative Keywords
ROI Based Strategy
Filter Out Low-Performing Keywords
Google My Business Discovery Ad
Custom Ad Schedule
Advanced Location Targeting
App Promotion Ads (if available on app/play store)
Google Display Ads
Graphic Design for Display Ads
Google Shopping Ads (requires e-commerce site)
Merchant Center Set-Up (for e-commerce)
Gmail Ads
YouTube Ads (Excluding Video Ad creation)
Conversion Tracking
Dedicated Account Manager ❌ 

Google Analytics Traffic Report

Keyword Research Report

Monthly Performance Report

Budget Spent on campaigns

Conversions Report

Best and Low Performing Keywords

Best and Low Performing Ads

PPC packages are designed to give the best quality PPC marketing on a minimal budget. The package aims to generate more profitable leads without going the extra mile. We offer different packages as per your requirements.

We condemn ill-gotten gains, and thus, Manush has successfully become a choice for many businesses, especially in PPC marketing. The guaranteed legal procedure with a result-oriented strategy makes Manush a desirable agency for small, medium and large businesses.

How do we add value to your business through PPC?

Manush Digitech provides PPC marketing for the fastest results. You can see your website at top results. We aim to deliver the best result in minimal time. The higher rank your website gets, the more leads you will generate. We promise to provide PPC marketing with authentic methods.

Follows latest updates – Our team keeps abreast of all the latest updates of search engines. Google updates its policies every day, and thus, you need a marketing strategy that is compatible with all the latest updates.

Legal and coherent procedure – If you do not optimize your website and inner pages through legal procedures, your website can get penalized, and the search engine will automatically take your site off. Thus, we ensure legal and coherent procedures for PPC.

Competitive analysis for keyword research – To get better, we always assure an in-depth competitive analysis. We finalize your keyword as per our competitive analysis.

Affordable PPC packages – We prioritize the budget of our client. Manush is already famed for delivering more on a low budget. We customize packages as per your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

PPC marketing includes the manifestation of search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads. These are the basics of PPC which you will get for your website and inner pages.
The budget invested in PPC depends on your business requirement and the PPC package you have taken from us.
Yes, we offer customized PPC packages as we understand the different requirements of different businesses.
As soon as we get a client for PPC, we start from competitive analysis followed by a keyword and keyword finalization. Then we move to budget optimization followed by implementation.
If you crave to see your website on top searches, you will need PPC to fasten the process. SEO gradually helps in gaining traffic on websites, but PPC will give you immediate results.
No, we have a one-time offer for complete digital marketing but not primarily for PPC.
PPC is the best when you want immediate results. If the website is optimized and has PPC, you will see the immediate high-rank of your website or on inner pages.
Yes, the Ad budget is included in the PPC packages.
Yes, of course, you can choose our PPC packages for your already existing website.