We, Manush Digitech Pvt. Ltd., are a top-notch PPC company in Delhi. As a PPC service provider, we work with a result-driven approach and hence it is kind-of guaranteed to be a Positive-ROI business.

Now, before sprinting directly into our services, let’s discuss the overview of what we offer, i.e., What PPC is and Why your business should use it.

What is PPC?

PPC is the acronym of pay-per-click. It is an internet marketing model in which advertiser pays everytime someone clicks on the advertisement. In short, unlike our SEO services (which gives results in a long-run), our PPC service generates instant results by direct sales or lead generation.

Why PPC Marketing?

If we were to compare PPC advertising with other Internet advertising, there are certain benefits(mostly in short-term), like:
• Anyone can use it right from the start.
• Once correctly planned and implemented, immediate results are noticeable.
• The results(from the day one) are easily measurable and traceable.
• Appropriate changes can be made according to the results.
• We can utilize potential-customer data efficiently.
• Can be efficiently used for lead generation
• Everything is in control.
• Completely result driven.

Hence, one must use PPC advertising for their company/organization/brand. And if you are looking for one such company with expertise in PPC marketing, contact us.

Our Pay Per Click Services

As a PPC company in Delhi, there are a variety of PPC services we provide, such as:

Search Advertising

Placing of relevant advertisement on search engine page based on the keywords search.

Google Shopping Ads

PPC ads created by online merchants which comprise of the product based on the searched keywords.

Display Advertising

Method of Internet advertising which deals with displaying ads in websites.

Mobile Advertising

Advertising which explicitly includes mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Connect with your visitors or potential customers who have not made an immediate purchase or an inquiry.

Search Advertising

Search advertising is a type of internet marketing which includes placing of relevant advertisement on search engine page based on the keywords search. For eg., One can use Google’s PPC advertising program “Google Adwords” for “Search Advertising” which generates more e-commerce sales, increases app downloads, etc.

Our duties as a PPC service provider will include following:

• Firstly, we will list out all relevant & low CPC(cost per click) keywords which can generate revenue for your business.
• Secondly, Once the keywords are found, we will bid for the keywords and gain one of the top positions in search results at the lowest possible price.
• At last, we will trace the results based on the sales & lead generation, and do changes if required, which eventually will end up as a positive ROI business.

To put it in a nutshell, if you are looking for an ROI-positive search advertising campaign or explicitly looking for a PPC company in Delhi, contact us.

search advertising

display advertising

Display Advertising

While search advertising entirely focuses on the search results and keywords, Display advertising is a bit different. Display advertising is a method of Internet advertising which deals with displaying ads in websites. These ads can be in many forms like pictures, videos, text, audio, etc. This type of advertising is used to increase brand awareness, boost e-commerce sales, uplift app download data, lead generation, etc.

With our expertise in internet marketing, the following is our job in the context of display advertising:
• To find and contact, relevant and traffic generating sites to display your product, service, or brand.
• Display your advertisement based on the context of the website and searched-keyword.
• Collecting data and showing the ads to same people which leads to call to action(i.e., Remarketing).
• Creating relevant images, videos, texts, etc. for advertisement purpose.
• And finally, present to you a fruitful result in the form of sales, app downloads, or lead generation.

All in all, if you are searching for Display advertising experts who can do every work, i.e., from creative to analytical, you know who to contact (Hint: The site you are reading this on.)


Many times, people interested in the product/service but don’t purchase it immediately and might forget about it if not reminded. Here’s where Remarketing comes in the picture. Remarketing is a bright way to connect with your visitors or potential customers who have not made an immediate purchase or an inquiry. Remarketing is where we utilize the data of the people attracted via “lead generation.”

You must have seen Amazon or Flipkart ads everywhere after searching for a product on either of the sites. This is the best example of Remarketing. And this is exactly what we will do for your brand.

As a PPC company in Delhi, from a “Remarketing” perspective, our duties include:
• Collecting the data of the ‘at least-one-time-engaged’ users using cookies
• Leveraging the found data for Remarketing
• Creating user-relevant content(i.e., different size banners, attractive texts, etc.) for Remarketing purpose based on attracted-user
• And lastly, distributing in suitable places where the attention of end-user is


google shopping ads

Google Shopping ads

Try searching for something(physical product) on Google, and at the top, you will see the product with images and a quick-description. This is an example of Google Shopping ads.

Google shopping ads are PPC ads created by online merchants which comprise of the product(image and text) based on the searched keywords. Google shopping ads are mostly used to increase direct sales, but we can also use it for lead generation.

Our duties in this service include:

• Finding low CPC keywords so that you get the maximum possible ROI.
• Mapping all your e-commerce products to the found keywords.
• Analyzing the data and spending more on the highest result-giving keywords.
• And finally, see you happy with our results.

Mobile Marketing

As the term suggests, Mobile advertising is a method of advertising which explicitly includes mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile advertising is more fruitful as compared to general digital advertising because it is more specific (due to data like browsing history, geographical location, shopping habits, etc.).

Also, according to studies, an average individual spends almost one-third of their time on mobile phone. Therefore, Mobile Advertising is kind-of mandatory when we talk about internet marketing.

Our duties regarding Mobile Advertising as a PPC company in Delhi will include ever aspect written above but specifically for mobile devices.

In short, with the help of our services in the context of mobile marketing, your sales will boost, and more lead generation opportunities will be there.

mobile marketing

ppc features

Brief process of our pay per click campaign:

Our pay-per-click (PPC) management service includes the following components:

  • PPC search campaign strategy
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Ad Creation
  • Setting up Ad campaign
  • Bid management
  • Landing page optimization and development
  • Campaign management and analysis

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