Save Huge on Digital Marketing With Manush Digitech

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Save Huge on Digital Marketing With Manush Digitech

It is trendy, recommended and saves thousands of bucks on your marketing but does it sound reliable?

The main area of challenge you might come across is the matter of reliability and assurance on the agency you choose to outsource your marketing needs from.

But let’s focus on “why to outsource”, “how to find the right agency” and then “how to proceed with that agency”.

There might be millions of questions running in your mind right about now, having trust issues with international agencies is a huge obstacle but it can be overcome if you have the right checklist with you.

Now, let’s take a look at why you should hire Manush Digitech as your digital marketing agency, shall we?

1. About Manush Digitech

Manush Digitech is one of the most reputed agencies you can find in the capital region. Our services are incompatible, and clients are retained from around the world.

We believe only patience and hard work with the combination of the right strategies can change the future of your brand.

2. Outsourcing Vs In-house team

Having an in-house team requires you to attain a certain level of knowledge on digital media and marketing. More than anything, it burdens you with something you do not follow accurately.

Now, look at us, we excel in what we do, and right now you only need us. We have the knowledge, new ideas, and multi-tasking ability.

3. Why trust us

Let’s start by addressing some issues which are bound to rise if you find an agency in India. Factors like professional, reliable, trustworthy, and past client’s case studies and of course price quotation.

All these factors are important to tick off before signing up an agreement with any agency overseas. With Manush Digitech, you can be assured of trust & reliability by examining our case studies.

They will also assure you that we believe in result-oriented strategies only. 3 out 5 clients are retained at Manush Digitech, Why? Because we give personal and precise attention to each of our clients. 

4. We Promise Organic Growth

The most challenging part of being a genuine digital marketing agency in India is to make people understand that growth cannot be quantified.

Many fraud agencies tell you something you want to hear, like, we will provide 100 leads in a month or 1000 likes in 1 month.

We feel that we must tell you that numbers can only be EXPECTED when you are investing in either PPC or social media ad campaigns.

We promise organic growth, we promote awareness as much as we can.

5. Get a Trial first

We don’t overshare huge information or call ourselves perfectionists, we just offer something to show a glimpse of what we can do for you. We offer free and paid trial both for one week.

You will get a complete reporting on what happened in the last 7 days and its effectiveness. In the paid trial we also show you how ad campaigns on facebook work for you.

And only after one month of service, we ask you for a minimum three months contract.

6. Pricing and Plans

Our plans are most flexible and specially designed for any kind of business, small, medium or large. If you come to pricing, though it is nothing for you, it is enough for us.

Our pricing does not change frequently and if you compare them closely, you will see how hard it is to find a genuine digital marketing agency that does not charge you a fortune.

7. Distance is no more an issue

When we say, we give personalized attention to each client, we mean it. Distance does not matter anymore. Some of our existing clients reside in Michigan and the UK.

The idea is to give them 1 day a week for 30-50 minutes to be in touch and discuss the project. 

Outsourcing your marketing needs from an Indian digital marketing agency could be the best cost-effective decision you had ever made.

Try us with the 7 days free trial, you will love us for sure. 

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