How to Make PowerPoint Presentation (Step by Step Guide For Beginners)

how to make powerpoint presentation

How to Make PowerPoint Presentation (Step by Step Guide For Beginners)

You are new to SEO and looking to create some attractive PPTs to submit on other sites. But you are confused, how to make a PowerPoint presentation? Well, let’s figure out, how to make a PowerPoint presentation if you are a beginner.

What is a PowerPoint Presentation?

PPT stands for PowerPoint Presentation, which is used to describe any Information, and it is used in Classrooms and many Businesses. It is created by Microsoft PowerPoint which is then converted into File Format.

It also contains the option to add Images, Videos, Sound, etc. which looks very attractive to the readers. This also makes the presenter looks more Interactive to the audience. It offers the feature of “Digital Slideshow” which fills the Computer Screen and it is easy for readers to read it comfortably.

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation?

The Steps to Create a PowerPoint presentation are as follows :

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint in your Computer 

To Create a New PPT click on the “Blank Presentation” Option as shown in the image below :

blank presentation

After clicking on “Blank Presentation”, Choose a “Design” for your PPT which suits it better. See the Image Below :

select ppt design

Choose the Design as per your choice.

2. Add “Slide Layout”

Slide Layout is used on how your slide will appear when the user read it, and when you will enter the text. Depending upon the Content, Choose your Slide Layout Wisely. To Change the Slide Layout, See the Image Below :

slide layout

3. Add “Text” 

Enter your text just by Clicking on Title “Click to add title” or “Click to add text.”

adding text

4. Add “Pictures”

You can Insert Images while clicking on the “Insert” tab at top Left or You can also insert images by clicking on the box that says “Click to add content”. After clicking, a new window will open on your computer and choose the image which you have saved. See the Image Below on how to Insert Images :

adding pictures

5. Resizing “Pictures”

You can Resize the Image by clicking on the image and the corners, the little circles will appear, and by dragging them, you can resize the image. Take a Look at the Highlighted Circles in the image below, from there you can Resize the Image:

resizing pictures

6. Insert “Link” To your Text

In terms of Digital Marketing, Adding a link to your Website can be helpful for you to get more Traffic if the reader is reading your text. The link can be added by Selecting the Text in which you want to put the link and click on the “Link” button in the “Insert” Tab and in the center you will find the button. Click on the button and the new window will open. In the “Address” section paste your URL and click “OK”.

inserting link to text

7. Add “Transitions” and “Animations” 

It is a Feature which will be very well performed during the ‘Slideshow’. It makes the Presentation Look attractive, and the reader will also find it interesting if we add transitions and animations to it. You can Find the “Transition” and “Animation” Tab on the Top Left. You can add Transition between the Two Slides and Animation in the Text and the Images. See the image below to add “Transition” and “Animation”.

adding transitions to ppt

To add “Animation”, Click on the image and select the animation. Similarly, click on the text and choose the animation you want.

adding animation to ppt

And that’s it. Your attractive PPT is ready to be published on a site. If you want to convert the PPT to a video, below is the bonus tip.

Converting PPTs to Videos for Video Submissions

After adding the Transitions and Animations to your PPT, by using any Desktop recorder, you can record your Presentation by Selecting the “Slideshow” option. In terms of Digital Marketing, PPT to Video conversion can be very helpful for the business, and they can target their audience, which uses YouTube the most.

While Publishing your video to YouTube, Make sure you put the URL of your Website in the Description and also mention the Call to Action.
You can also publish that video to DropShots, which is as same as YouTube, and Provide the URL in the Comment Section using proper Keywords.


Now that you have learned, how to make an attractive PowerPoint presentation for backlinks and other submissions, make yours now. If you need any help in creating PPTs or anything related to Digital Marketing, consult Manush Digitech.

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